Another fic from a Pokemon's POV. This one's for Rbsan's request. ^_^.

by Leto

An enigmatic Pokemon that can effortlessly regenerate any appendage it loses in battle.

Mine has never lost one. Because mine are well trained, and I won't let them go into a battle where they're outmatched. If they ever are, I take them back. It's better to lose a match than let your Pokemon get hurt.

But my Staryu has never lost.

People, mostly those who don't appreciate water Pokemon, think Staryu are just like objects. Or others, who over-romanticise things, consider them an enigma.

Really, what's so enigmatic about them? *I* think they're more straightforward than other Pokemon. You can tell what a Staryu is thinking. They don't hide their thoughts. If you're friends with your Staryu, you know exactly where you are with it.

Just because they don't have a face that shows emotions. It means nothing. I think only bad trainers can't appreciate such Pokemon. But really, you might just as well call Magnemite, Cloyster or Kakuna enigmatic; they don't really have faces already.

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, they *are* considered enigmatic. Blind, sorry humans. They are unable to recognise anything unless it is staring them in the face.

I became a Pokemon trainer when I heard one of my older sisters, who liked water Pokemon, say that she would never train a Staryu, because they had no emotion and would be boring to raise. My other sisters agreed, so I decided right then that I'd be a trainer just so that I could raise a Staryu.

I wanted to prove them wrong. Also, I'm always trying to be an individual. I don't want to be like them at all. I respect not my sisters. And I felt sorry for the Pokemon which seemed to be so misunderstood. I wanted to find out if it was as bad as they said.

It wasn't. I went fishing, and it took a long time but I finally caught a couple of Staryu. I raised them and they are strong water Pokemon. So I don't see what the problem is. They're good friends.

When trainers are defeated by me, they don't disrespect Staryu any more. But my goal in training has changed.

Where I come from, water Pokemon are much appreciated, so there are a lot of water Pokemon manuals, food, etc, lying around the house.

It was my birthday and one of my sisters said that she had a special gift for me. I was excited, especially when she said it would help my Staryu to become stronger and better.

I liked that idea, and I liked the idea that she was finally starting to appreciate Staryu and that it was a good Pokemon in itself.

Then, to my shock, she procured a waterstone from somewhere and made it evolve! The first Pokemon I caught, my friend, she evolved it without my permission and changed its personality.

It doesn't seem fair, really. A Pokemon can't control stone induced evolution, it's a trainer's choice. With the natural sort, a Pokemon evolves when they're ready, or when they want to.

I didn't understand my Starmie, and I still don't. My sister has ruined a friendship, but I managed to save my other Staryu. After that, I decided not to be a Staryu trainer. To broaden my horizons. To become... well, like my sisters.

I won't think about that last one.

I, Misty Hanasea, will become a great water Pokemon trainer and learn to understand even the most enigmatic of them. Even my own.

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